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Interface for FT8, JT65, PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, Echolink, APRS etc.
No additional cables are required. That's why order-made products.
Only one USB cable to PC by sound chip built-in.
HAMSTIR DX has full-optical circuit between rig and PC. (no transformer used)
This is best for high-output power operation for HF band user mainly.
PC controlled CW operation is available.

There are two types as below.
1. HAMSTIR DX-R1 --- For high-power operation with PC CW-KEY plug
2. HAMSTIR DX-R2 --- RS-232C cable by D-SUB 9P Female added to DX-R1

Operating Modes and Programs)
Digital Sound CW (CW TRX), Ctestwin (CW), EchoLink (EchoLink), AGWPE+UI-View32 (APRS)
Devices Built-in)
Sound : [USB PnP Audio Device] by C-Media chip
Serial : USB serial converter Virtual COM-A/B by FTDI chip
* Each device drivers are basically auto-installed (need network connection).
. When not installed, manual driver installation is available by downloading.

HAMSTIR DX needs additional power supply for optical circuit (current : 10mA / 5to16V).
There are two ways and it depends on your transceiver.
This will be suggested before wiring and will be informed to you by e-mail.

1. External power supply for rig +13.8V etc.. (parallel cable with soldered tops)
2. Rig Jack (13.8V pin assigned ACC... or RCA 13.8V jack)

Various plugs can be selected to meet your transceiver DATA terminal etc..
Let us know your model name.

Conversion Cable JPY 2,000 //This is for rig change in the future. MiniDIN 6P or DIN 8P plug only.

* The transportation charge is not included in Prices.
* Payment information, [ Go to HAMSTIR ST page ]

Specifications )
* Some items are as a reference.

  1. USB Port : USB2.0 Full Speed (USB Hub, Dual serial converter COM-A/B FTDI chip built-in)
  2. Sound : "USB PnP Sound Device" built-in
  3. Power Supply : +5.0V +/- 0.5 --- USB Bus Power
  4. Current Consumption : approx. 250mA --- USB Bus Power
  5. Input Level : 1.0Vrms/ 10K ohms --- Adjustable by SFR
  6. Output Level : 0.4Vrms/ 600 ohms --- Adjustable by SFR
  7. PTT Driving : Open-Drain --- Sink current less 1A.
  8. PTT Selection : RTS/ DTR
  9. DX-R2 only RS-232C terminal --- D-SUB 9P Female type
  10. Hand-held Rig Operation : PTT by RTS/ DTR
  11. Squelch Input Selection : Serial CTS input
  12. Squelch H Input Voltage : Min +3.0V --- Input current approx. 0.25mA
  13. 6.0/ 12.0MHz Clock Freq. Accuracy : Less 0.25%
  14. Temperature Ambient : 0 deg.C - 70 deg.C --- IC Spec. followed
  15. Cabinet Dimension : W82 - D130 - H24mm --- Materials : Case=Alminum,, Panel=ABS
  16. Weight : approx. 250g --- with Cables
  17. Accessories : User Manual, Soft Case
    * VCCI, FCC, EN Compliance are not confirmed, but, designing considered.
    * RoHS Directive : Pb free is not available on components soldering.
    * Products are not by mass-production but hand-made samples in order made.

Download example photos for WSJT-X setting...(zip898KB) :
This is the case of WSJT-X settings, but almost common on the COM and sound items.
Most of sound devices have a sound enhansment such as surround effect.
This digital processing makes bad encoding and decoding.
CAT and CI-V features are for rig controling by PC.
Do not set any when proper cable is not prepared. Otherwise, error massage will be appeared.
However, WSJT-X "DX Pedition Mode" recommends CAT controling.
This controlling is not "must". When the bandwidth is set to "3000Hz"or less in "Hound", no need to take CAT (CI-V).
If you operates in"Fox", CAT (CI-V) cotrolling is required to receive arround 4000Hz.
If you wish to take CAT controll (bandwidth 3000 to 4000Hz), use USB CAT Cable in the market.
Find it by "USB-CAT-Cable" or "USB-CI-V-Cable" inquiry. FTDI chip used is reliable!
And, this is for definitely low power operating such as FT8, JT65 etc..
IF your rig has RS-232C terminal of D-SUB 9P Male, HAMSTIR DX-R2 is recommended.

FT8 DXpedition Mode in No CAT control :
The setting and QSO example page of FT8 DXpedition Mode in No CAT and No CI-V control.

One improvement for RF interference (.pdf) :
In case of some PC use, mulfunction (on PTT or Sound) may happen. Try by this.
It requires the soldering but not so difficult.

One solution for no output terminals in 13.8V external power supply (.pdf) :
Some HAMSTIR DX takes photo power supply from external 13.8V power supply for rig.
Bullet terminals soldering to the half way of 13.8V cable.

Inquiry or Order :sales@onechipdesign.com

Q & A)
Q) What's the differerence?

This is best for high-power operating such as HF band..
PC block and rig block are isolated and connected by photo-coupller. (no transformer used)
Also, PC CW-Keying can be operated.
This uses the same board as DX-R2.

This is best for high-power operating the same as DX-R1.
DX-R2 has another cable. That is RS-232C cable with D-SUB 9P Female connector.
This cable can use for CAT rig control operation.
However, this cable is not photo-couplled. So, rig should be applied for RF interference.
Of course, DX-R2 has some ferrite-cores. But not photo-couplled.

Basic circuit design is simlified from HAMSTIR DX.
1. passive audio input/output line by using PC on-board sound device.
2. dual USB Serial converter (COM-A/B port)
*COM-A port is normal function.
*COM-B port is set as limitted transmit time (about 45seconds). This is better for software TNC .
If you operate only V/UHF only, HAMSTIR ST is enough for RF interference.
In general use less 50 watts O/P power, You can easily countermeasure the problem by ferrite-core etc..

Echolink is a registered trademark of Synergenics, LLC.
WSJT-X is licensed under the terms of Version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPU).
WIRES-X is a registered trademark of Yaesu Musen Co.,Ltd.

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