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*** VoIP Gateway Unit (HAMSTIR X) ***
HAMSTIR X realize the mutual communicating among WIRES-X, EchoLink, RF each operators.
This system requires only one transceiver and antenna.
If you are already operating WIRES-X and Echolink separately, it's easy to start gateway system.
By only cable connection change, you can start it without any PC or rig setup.
* The other VoIP communication with interface can be put in gateway system. Ask us !!!
* Word gateway is the same meaning as cross-linking.

Example of Operation )

Echolink and WIRES-X can be used with one transceiver.
Simply, it's like 3 persons meeting.
  1. Mutual communicating between WIRES-X (HRI-200) and Echolink (HAMSTIR ST etc.) with FT-7900 (eg.).
    By using smartphone, you can access to WIRES-X via Echolink-L/ -R.
    (Echolink Single User Mode should be installed into smartphone.)
  2. No rig communicating by net-side stations only between WIRES-X and Echolink(include smartphone).
Actually, it functions as below.
  1. When receiving from mobile station, HAMSTIR X sends the signal to WIRES-X and Echolink net stations.
  2. When receiving from WIRES-X net station, HAMSTIR X sends to Echolink net station,
    and also sends RF signal to mobile station by rig control.
  3. When receiving from Echolink net station, HAMSTIR X sends to WIRES-X net station,
    and also sends RF signal to mobile station by rig control.
  4. When transceiver is power-off or not connected condition,
    the communicating only between WIRES-X and Echolink network is done.
Example of Flow )
  1. PC(Echolink Single User) <==> EchoLink -L/ -R <==> HAMSTIR X Gateway <==> WIRES-X Room or Node
  2. Smartphone (Single User) <==> EchoLink -L/ -R <==> HAMSTIR X Gateway <==> WIRES-X room or Node
    * Smartphone can not access directly to WIRES-X.
    * In Echolink conference case, the gateway with other VoIP is not allowed by developement side.
  3. Echolink Node <==> HAMSTIR X Gateway <==> WIRES-X room or Node

Model Variation )
  1. HAMSTIR X-6P : For General transceiver with 6P DATA terminal
  2. HAMSTIR X-10P : Discontinued due to plug 10P production finished
Notes )
  1. In WIRES-X program, you have to choose [RX:FM-TX:FM] (Analog) in Transceiver window.
    When you choose "Digital", gateway does not work.
    However, even WIRES-X is "Analog", RF can take C4FM digital (FT-991/A ; DATA 6P).
    FTM-100/400 are not available (DATA 10P).
  2. Interface for Echolink can be used not only HAMSTIR ST/DX but also other products
    which have MiniDIN 6P (squelch pin wired type is better).
  3. For Echolink side, either single user mode by PC or smartphone can not be used directly.
    These don't have controlling terminals (PTT, Squelch). So, Interface is surely required.
Specifications )
  1. Power Supply : Alkaline Battery 1.5V 3pcs (LR03, AAA)
  2. Current Consumption : Less 0.01mA (No signal), less 0.5mA (with signal)
  3. Battery Life : Approx. 1 year (in case of total 2hours/ day with signal)
  4. Sends to Network : 2.5V or higher (Rig Squelch Open Level)
  5. Rig Transmitting : 0.3V or less (PTT control Level)
  6. Case Size and weight : W82 - D130 - H24mm, Approx. 250g,
  7. Material : Frame=Alminum, Panel=ABS
  8. Cable Length)
    For Rig DATA : 100cm with MiniDIN 6P plug (to Rig DATA terminal)
    For General I/F (include HAMSTIR ST/ DX): two 15cm cables with MiniDIN 6P Female plug
    For HRI-200 : Use HRI-200 attached cable10P-6P ( to RADIO 1)
Connection and Sound Level Adjustment )
  1. Before connection of HAMSTIR X,
    please be sure that the WIRES-X system (HRI-200, FT-8900 etc.) is working well.
    Also, Echolink system too.
    The use of voice ID TEST and test server contact are better way for sound checking.
  2. Change cable connections as figure shows.
  3. Confirm the sound level.
  4. When you wish to adjust the sound level so as to be even level between WIRES-X and Echolink,
    try it carefully in considering which level should be increased or decreased. Confusion may happen!
    Please understand [Maximum sound level] is as below.
    For Echolink : Male ID voice in "Ident" window.
    For WIRES-X : Male ID voice in Sound setting window (Calibrate volume must be 100).
    Also, in Audio adjustments window, set Echolink ID level to meet broken line (roughly).
Change Batteries )
In no signal condition, battery consumption current is very few just like remote commander for TV.
When the sound is distorted or the switching of signal is unstable, battery will be the time to change. Use + type 3mm screw driver.
  1. Loosen 2 screws at cable side.
  2. Pull the cable to slide out the board untill battery appears.
  3. Change 3 batteries to all new.
  4. Slide the board with the inner cable carefully not to bit.
  5. Take the reverse process to finish.

Prices )
  1. HAMSTIR X-6P : JPY 6,800
  2. HAMSTIR X-10P : Discontinued
    * Paypal system is available and can take the payment in JPY or USD currency.
    * Payment information, [ Go to HAMSTIR ST page ]
    * e-Bay listing is available or it might be found.

Inquiry & Order )
Please go to [HAMSTIR ST] (English) for details,
and send a quotation request mail first.
Copy and edit below items when you send a mail.
  1. Model : HAMSTIR X-6P = 1 set
  2. Rig use : FT- / IC- / Home Brew (DATA terminal 6P required)
  3. Interface1 : HAMSTIR ST / Home Brew (must have DATA 6P plug)
  4. Interface2 : HRI-200, HAMSTIR ST / Home Brew (must have DATA 6P plug)
  5. Receipient :
  6. Address :
  7. Telphone No.: - - (for transportation)

Inquiry and Order : sales@onechipdesign.com

Hint to solve problems )
1. No Sound )
=> In SPEAKER and MIC window of sound property, try to remove check mark for sound option (exclude...)
=> In Built-in MIC (Note PC etc.) window of sound property, try to disable

2. PC on-board Sound Device No Sound)
Set PC on-board Sound Device to [Default Device].
Set HRI-200 USB Audio Device to [Default Communication Device].
Then, try again!

3. Sound intermittent or Connection error )
Windows10 OS has a OneDrive as a standard program.
However, this offten access to network in the back ground as a remote drive.
This access makes VoIP communincating bad.
Please stop "simultanious" to off or set the program to "invalid".
If this sympton is only Echolink, stop "Station List" downlording.

4. Sound unclear in RF digital transmitting) When two operators are communicating each other by digital mode (C4FM, D-STAR),
Analog-Digital conversion processing was done twice.
Once is by speaker's handy-talky. Twice is by receiver's node transceiver.
This is due to digital compression processor for less data size.
In this case, this is improved by either operator turns to FM mode.

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