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This is a USB connection interface between PC and transceiver.
Low cost and simple way for digital communicating.
FT8, JT65, PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, APRS etc. can be done
by using not only share-ware program but also free-ware such as

This is a delux USB connection interface between PC and transceiver.
This model is a sound device built-in.
HAMSTIR DX is applied for high-power operating by full photo-coupler connection .
FT8, JT65, PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, APRS etc. can be done .

= VoIP Gateway Unit HAMSTIR X (VoIP Linking Unit) :
WIRES-X and EchoLink etc. can be operated with one transceiver by mutual linking.
There are two versions. One is a MiniDIN 10P (HAMSTIR X-10P) for FTM-400 /100.
Another is MiniDIN 6P (HAMSTIR X-6P) for convensional FM transceiver which has DATA 6P terminal.

= VoIP-Handset VH-MD6 :
This ia a very convenient goods for no rig operation etc..
This model has a built-in compressor amplifier with mic and speaker

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Privacy Policy (Japanese)

WIRES-X and WIRES-II is a trade mark of Yaesu Musen Co., Ltd.
EchoLink is a trade mark of Synergenics, LLC.
APRS is developed by WB4APR, Mr.Bob Bruninga.
AGWPE is developed by SV2AGW, Mr.George Rossopulos.
UI-View32 is developed by G4IDE, Mr.Roger Barker.
JT65 is developed by K1JT, Dr.Joe Taylor (WSJT) and W6CQZ, Mr.J.C.Large (JT65-HF).
MMSSTV, MMVARI, MMTTY is developed by JE3HHT, Mr.Mori.
DSCW(Digital Sound CW) is developed by JA3CLM, Mr.Takagi.
CTESTWIN is developed by JI1AQY, Mr.Horiuchi

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